About Us

The Midtown Triathlon Club was established in 2009 by a group of athletic minded friends to provide a free supportive network for Sacramento area triathletes. Over the years, our club membership and leadership has changed, however our mission remains the same… ‘To provide a supportive social community for multisport athletes in the Sacramento area; to bring people of like interests together to challenge, support, and encourage one another. We are committed to education, fun, and community within the sport of triathlon.’
Our title sponsor, One10 Performance & Nutrition, adopted the Midtown Triathlon Club as a subsidiary in 2012 and continues to provide free weekly workouts throughout most of the year.


  1. Chris Harty says:

    Hi I am interested in when your next event is. Thanks!

    • ironjen says:

      Our next group workout is Sunday 7:30am at Beals Point. Open water swim, bike, run. Join for as much as you like. 🙂

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